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It is the most joyous time of the year again! To celebrate Christmas, a time when the air is filled with festivity and everyone is busy wishing their loved ones happiness, State-of-the-Arts Gallery would like to wish you a merry Christmas by presenting our Winter Special Exhibition – Colours of Love – by renowned Turkish and Canadian artist Coplu. This new series of work draws upon love and romance with images of hearts in the paintings, through the paintings, the artist expresses his hope and dream for humankind and a bright future.

It is not hard for beholders to spot the certain symbols that reoccur in Coplu’s work; they reflect the cultural and artistic choices that have been made by the artist in a process of selection over 25 years of artistic journey. In his paintings, clouds represent dreams, hearts stand for love, and balloons equal freedom. These symbols and his style have become so recognizable across the globe that he would not even need a signature on his canvas.

Colours of Love is the artist’s latest creation that features hearts, especially rainbow hearts, a new symbolic figure in this series representing the colours of love and feelings. Rainbow hearts are naturally in the romantic settings, calmingly floating on the sea, the land and in the sky. Coplu believes nature is a kind of art that has the capacity to take away human’s negativity and give back love in return.

Just like the beautiful rainbow that appears after the gloomy rain, human hearts could be soothed with love after the sorrow and adversity one must encounter in life. Coplu’s paintings represent the hopes and dreams that we, human, can find our inner peace and the capacity to love and be loved in a world that is made of ups and downs.

Since his first exhibition in 1984, Coplu has become a well-loved and widely collected artist, exhibiting throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. With his use of bright colours and thick patches of acrylic paint, the artist invites beholders to emerge in the peaceful and cheerful atmosphere he creates on the canvas during Christmas.

Opening Cocktail Reception will be held in Harbour City on 21st December 2011 (Wednesday). The artist will attend the event.

Please contact for RSVP or more information.

Contemporary Painting Exhibition by Coplu

Duration: 21st December 2011 – 9th January, 2012

Venue: Gallery-by-the-Harbour, Shop 207 (next to Fendi), Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City

Hours: Mon - Sun 11:00am - 9:00pm


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