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The idea of making sculptures began four years ago, from a curiosity to see one of the butterfly paintings made in three dimensions. He had worked passionately with few sculptors to get his hearts and figures. Through meticulous work over the years, five of his painted icons were transformed into three dimensional sculptures. For example the threes with hearts, called "Natural Love - Colours and Warmth" took more than a year of thought experimentation to obtain the desired correct finish to the sculpted form.

His sculptures reveal his desire to fill the world with love and humanity, bringing out the warmth of feelings, passion and compassion amongst human beings. His talent for openly expressing his desires, perfectly matching bold colours employed with a sense of the positive effect, has played a significant role in the visible results, the appearance of these sculptures.

As a romantic dreamer, his subject matters is found in a dreamlike environment, where love, happiness and the joy of living are the true core values for human beings, in the family, the community, and the natural environments in which we form a part. These sculptures evoke the sense of love, of humanity and of the warmth of human nature. They take their part within a dreamlike nature, as in the three of love. It is an escape from the reality, a fairy tale and scene which every one of us has built and has strived to continue for generations, for joy and happiness around a lovely foundation.

Coplu's next dream is to have large "Tree of hearts" standing in the public areas of cities around the world. A sculpture from which people can gain inspiration and irrigate and nurture their souls with the feeling of the Natural Color of Love.


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