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In the beginning of year 2008, State-of-the-Arts Gallery proudly presents the artworks of artist Coplu by organizing his debut exhibition in Hong Kong, bringing our best wishes with love, dreams, and freedom to people in the city.

Highs and lows are a normal part of life, but a simple meditation can accentuate them. One day you may think that you are onto something important, great, and even world shattering. The next day, you may think all those you have are worthless and no one would recognize your achievements.

Currently, a rest of mind and heart allows good memories to shore you up. However, where are these good memories come from? Coplu, our artist, suggested happiness in the future depends on what you filled in your life. In low times, good memories of joy, love, dreams, and care help you to accomplish nearly impossible goals with faith and confidence.

Coplu's vibrant colours, rich texture and his humanistic approach make his paintings unique and energetic. His acute visual perception and extraordinary painting ability enables him to deeply express his feelings for people and their dreams, fears, experiences, and beliefs. For him, nature and human life are intimately connected. His works not only reflect the values people hold, but also reveal the values that shared between humans and nature.

Coplu invites viewers to enter a profound personal world through his imaginative paintings. Here, you can find love, dreams, and freedom, all the qualities of life we hoped for and shared with each other.


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