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We all know that Coplu’s previously published all Limited Editions are sold out in most of the UK galleries. This year Coplu's 4 new paintings are printed as Limited Editions, Giclée on canvas of 20 editions, by Buckingham Fine Art Publisher in the UK. His limited editions are signed, and hand embellished by Coplu, being sold exclusively by his representing galleries.

Coplu’s previously published 6 Limited Editions are sold out in most of the UK galleries and as Coplu been creating limited number of new originals, only a few buyers can afford to have. It was time to print a few more paintings as Limited-Editions.

We have collaborated with Buckingham Fine Art Publishers in the UK and worked delicately to get the best results by choosing the best quality contemporary materials to use, which people can enjoy for a lifelong time and pass to the next generations.

“It is with great pleasure that Buckingham Fine Art welcomes world renowned artist COPLU to its portfolio. Now available in the UK an exclusive range of hand embellished 6 paintings, printed on canvases of just 50 copies, and an extremely limited number of originals.”

Born in the Turkish town of Ushak, Coplu is now based in Vancouver, Canada. Following his first art exhibition in 1981 he has become a well-loved and widely collected artist, exhibiting throughout Europe, North America, and Japan.

His works have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books across the world.

It was the year 2006, he was first approached by Aurora Art Publishing for his Limited Editions and 6 of his paintings were chosen to be published as Giclee print on museum quality French paper, with 195 Editions, + 5 APE’s, they were sold throughout the UK’s leading galleries and online venues, when he had become a sold out artist in a very short time.

According to COPLU, artist of Life is beautiful...

Humour and colour are key elements in my paintings. I always look at the funny side of things, I find it one of the most effective ways to open minds, connect and raise consciousness. I grew up surrounded by wide cultural diversities where all feelings and expressions are represented by colours, and they became very much part of my life. I combine these creative elements in a simple, instinctive way so they can strike a chord with anyone.

On eventually agreeing to publish my work this way after more than 25 years, people have asked me “why now?” My answer is simple - it feels right...


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