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Recently, Coplu visited Singapore for multiple catch up sessions with art lovers in Ode to Art, April 23-28, 2019.

There were 4 sit-down dinners, 1 sit-down lunch, 3 painting sessions, and a meet and greet-cum-cocktail event with the artist - in hindsight.

He also spent two mornings in St Andrew's Autism Centre to paint a larger than life canvas with the centre's clients.

"I would like to thank VZUG for the collaborations for the dinners and lunch sessions and St Andrew's Autism Centre for providing the avenue to allow me to create such a magnificent work.

And to those who joined me in the painting sessions and attended the exhibitions.

I would like to express my gratitutes to every Singaporeans for all the love and passion for my art over the 12 years.

The time I spent together, and the positive attitude has been a great inspiration to me.

Also, thank to Ode to Art Gallery for their great partnership during those years."


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