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Anyone can recognize an artwork by Coplu. It is so distinctively characterized by his signature vibrant colours, common symbols such as heart shapes, as well as his cartoon-like human figures. Most importantly, his optimistic and thought-provoking compositions radiates positivity and a splash of colour to life which transcends all diversities.

A close relationship with his family during Coplu’s childhood is expressed through his themes that transcend his art – of unconditional love and family.

In this series paintings, It takes two – to love, to live, Coplu depicts the theme of love by, placing the two hearts side by side as the wings forming of a butterfly, to spread his overarching message of happiness, positivity and hope.

He uses the relationship between two beloveds as a metaphor for something bigger: the essential need that all things in life have for another to exist. “Everything takes two” the artist says. Like a lover needs her lover, fish need the sea; plants need the sun.

Coplu clearly attempts to go beyond humankind’s particularities and touch upon the intrinsic and intimate functioning of the world. Once again, the butterfly comes as an apt metaphor: by choosing such a short-lived and magnificent creature, Coplu not only captures in paint those relationships’ fleetingness, but he also alludes to the fragility of life – and the need to preserve it.

What is more important than love? What is more fulfilling and thrilling than meeting one’s another half, the only being in the world that complements one perfectly. In his latest paintings Coplu celebrates this miracle.

Coplu’s latest series titled "Love - It Takes Two", and “Hopes And Wonders of Existence” are exhibited at Ode To Art Gallery’s newly launched 3rd branch in Marina Bay Sands Complex, among the international brand names’ flagship shops, as well as two international fine art galleries. Locally owned Ode To Art, an Avant-garde Art gallery represents the most distinguished names in contemporary art in the likes of Fernando Botero, Chen Wenling, Lim TzePeng and Coplu, with diverse collections of paintings, sculptures, photography, and installation art.

Perhaps it could be a challenge to fill the large walls of a huge black boxed Ode To Art Gallery, for most artist but Coplu's 50 pieces of colourful large canvasses are not doubt speak larger than this black box.

Immerse yourself in the world of Coplu’s latest works before they enter Singaporeans private houses and collections, see his heart-warming paintings focusing on love and joy, his paintings are surely an ode to happiness.


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