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Dear Friends,

We hope the Years Lunar or Earth, have started pouring lots of Love, happiness, health, prosperity, and joy into your doorsteps and you make a little effort to take them into your lives.Well, some say its Lunar some say its Santa, but we are sure that people with good hearts play a big roll in these happenings and they already brought a few of them into our lives this year which we would like to share with you, as well.

As you know Coplu has love and passion for creativity and sharing his creations with people.  He is making strenuous efforts to bring his paintings to your doorsteps; working hard, finding the right venue and sending them to exhibit. His work is recognized by colourful hearts and clouds, represented by galleries in three continents and collected by many individuals and companies.

We are proud and happy to announce that Lahaina Galleries of Hawaii, California and Florida will be representing Coplu’s work. (Click on Lahaina Galleries for information)  The 37 year old company is based in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii and owned by Jim and Nancy Killett. Mr Killett calls the introduction of Coplu’s art as extremely exciting for Lahaina Galleries. He states,

Coplu has his own unique style that is warm, uplifting, and thought provoking. People connect with it - they identify with the figures and what they are experiencing. They know how the characters feel and have empathy. We want to be a big part in the success of his career. The potential for him is tremendous!

Lahaina Galleries will be representing Coplu’s original paintings as well as limited edition prints on canvas.

We thank you for supporting our journey in art, and hope to bring you more vibrant, heart invading and mind tickling art of Coplu!

Lahaina - Maui - Hawaii Wailea - Maui - Hawaii Big Island - Hawaii Newport Beach - California Palm Beach - Florida


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